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L LED search flashlight

L-11A head switch LED flashlight

L-11A head switch LED flashlight
  • Model No.L-11A
  • Logo.Amypaul or Print your logo
  • Size.240mm x 55mm x 30mm
  • Max Brightness.950 Lumen
  • Light Colour


Special Functions:
1: stepless adjusted brightness;
2: Power indicate lights;
3: Support U2 lights for OEM service.
1: Material: aluminum alloy shell (Exact CNC produce)+Hard anodized;
2: Light source: CREE XML-T6 lamp;
3: Max output: 950Lumen;
4: Voltage: 8.4V;
5: Battery: 2 x 18650 Li-battery(standard 2200mAh);
6: Weight: 525g;
7: Waterproof:Special silicon waterproof circle,  IPX8 level;
8: Usage: Police, traffic, fire-fight, water project, forestry, outdoor, explore, trip and so on;
9: Note:Please don't shot to people's eyes, can be short-time blind, especially children.
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