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Bicycle headlights

B-28T6B01 2013 LED bike lights

B-28T6B01 2013 LED bike lights
  • Model No.B-28T6B01
  • Logo.Amypaul or Print your logo
  • Size.63mm x 43.5mm
  • Max Brightness.950 Lumen
  • Light Colour



Product features:
High brightness, Used as LED bike lights and LED headlights.
1. CREE XML - T6 lamp, max brightness 950 lumens. Life time is 100000 hours;
2. Intelligent control circuits, three memory dimming circuit(OEM is up to you): Max-Low-Strobe (standard);
3. The vacuum plating smooth glass, high temperature resistant, prevent fall off, lighting effect is good;
5. With aluminum alloy shell, CNC processing, anodized surface treatment;
6. Use 4 x 18650 battery 4400mAh as power (OEM products is for you) Max brightness can work more than 3 hours;
7. The waterproof design, type O sealing ring;
A. Charger is used in the room;
B. Don't dismantle the battery as laypeople;
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