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M LED mini flashlight

M-21 mini cree flashlight

M-21 mini cree flashlight
  • Model No.M-21
  • Logo.Amypaul or Print your logo
  • Size.80mm x 21.5mm
  • Max Brightness.208 Lumen
  • Light Colour


M-21 mini LED flashlight

Model:  M-21
Size: 80 x21.5mm
Weight:58g(Not include battery)
Efficacy energy conservation:  New American CREE R2/R5 LED light source, energy saving, high efficiency, long life, no maintenance, no need any further repair cost
Brightness output: One model or multi-function,
Max: 208 lumens for 3 hours,
Low: 60 lumens for 12 hours.
With lighting, stroboscopic and distance signal indication function.
The environmental protection aluminum material:  aviation magnesium aluminum alloy material, precision CNC lathe production; Military level hard anodized process, wear-resisting durable, color bright beautiful, don't fade color for ever. High-definition vacuum coating aluminum alloy reflective cup.
Rechargeable batteries:  1 * CR123 or 1 * 16340 battery, charge and discharge performance is good, low self-discharge, economic environmental protection, can recycle no pollution, green energy saving light source, so as to achieve environmental protection requirement;
Signal function:  programming IC control constant current circuit, the tail self-closing switch, easy to operate.  Has the strong light-weak light-critical flash function.
The economy energy conservation:  economic power saving energy. Exempt from frequent the trouble of charging, meet the needs of work on duty for a long time.
Applicable environment:  lightweight high hard alloy enclosure, waterproof, shock, corrosion resistance, ensure that all kinds of environments and in climate condition.
Functions:  brought against lamp holder, with the pain, uniform attack role; High hardness aviation alloy material, waterproof compression resistance to fall off, ensure it can withstand strong impact, can be in high and low temperature and other heavy conditions used.
The intellectual protection:  circuit through the optimized design with discharge protection function, can avoid over discharge, ensure circuit will not happen short circuit failure; Intelligent charger with overcharge, short circuit protection and charging display system, can prolong the life of the battery.
Range:  widely in the outdoors, field, an adventure, travel, civil, gift and so on.
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