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18650 Li-battery charger for led flashlight single standard

18650 Li-battery charger for led flashlight single standard
  • Model No.18650
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1. The meter protector against fraud protection when charger at the polarity, and the battery charger not damage. The charger will not for recharging the battery
2. Prevent backflow protection, when charger input the utility disconnect, battery charger not discharge.
3. The overcharge protection, the charger to charge the battery voltage, no higher than 4.3 V.
4. Short circuit protection, when the anode is linked together, need not burned charger.
5. A charging red light, full of green light instructions function, in order to accurately identify charging.
Application: for lithium battery, used for electric tools, lamps above.
The properties of product:
The input voltage: 100-240 V wide voltage
Output voltage: 4.2 V
Output current: 650 ma
Charging instructions: red light charging, full of green light
The battery types: 1 quarter lithium electricity
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