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Bicycle headlights

B-01T6R01 LED bicycle / head light

B-01T6R01 LED bicycle / head light
  • Model No.B-01T6R01
  • Logo.Amypaul or Print your logo
  • Size.53.5mm x 43.5mm
  • Max Brightness.950Lumen
  • Light Colour


LED bicycle lights amypaul lights

The company LED the bike lamp with a variety of colors and specifications can choose, please reference inquires the Numbers rules.
1: LED chips: CREE T6 LED chips, colour temperature of 6800-8000, life for 50000-100000 hours.
2: brightness model output: (strong light-weak light-p flash) can design single file also can design more files, strong light:
950 lumens, time of three hours, the light: 400 lumens, 700 MA lighting.
3:Max 350 m Shooting light.
4: constant current circuit, constant brightness.
5: Aviation aluminum alloy, hard, deft, precision CNC lathe processing; Military level hard surface anodized process, resistant to wear and take durable, bright color stability.
7: Full toughened glass super clear glass lenses, not easy and broken.
8: High-definition vacuum coating aluminum alloy reflective glass (orange or smooth surface).
9: Special silicon waterproof circle, long life, IP67 level.
10: battery model: 4 * 18650 (8800 HMA high capacity Li-ion batteries.
11: charging ways: direct charge.
12: tail use luminous cap, evening can also find easily switch position.
13: Environmental protection silica gel button to switch cap (green silica gel cap with power indicator light, you can see master power).
14: Not only led bicycle light use, also can be used with an extension cord as headlight.
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