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LED products the most potential and challenges of the market-led flashlight lighting


led torch lighting is an emerging industry, China is a market of great potential and challenges, is also very important market, so we attach great importance to investment and development in the Chinese market. Future we will be in China to increase investment in sales and promotion of new technologies.
Our most recent period will be held in Foshan, Ningbo and Hong Kong's three technical seminars for customers, including potential customers about the latest LED flashlight lighting solutions, as well as technical training and provide technical support. Led headlamp lighting is a very large market, is an emerging and rapidly growing market. This is from . No one is right to copyright.
BridgeLux LED flashlight lighting systems solution provider, from the current technological developments and industry trends, BridgeLux has a very strong market competitiveness. The BridgeLux a leading LED flashlight lighting technologies and solutions developer and manufacturer, the company expand the LED bicycle lighting market by reducing LED Flashlight lighting system cost. The BridgeLux have a patented light source technology, which is integrated LED headlamp lighting solutions to replace the traditional lighting technology BridgeLux LED Array family of products is the company's specialty products. The BridgeLux also has a unique vertical integration strategy, the company has core materials technology (epitaxy), key intellectual property, chip design, packaging technology, systems technology and manufacturing technology, this combination of cost advantages and economies of scale.
BridgeLux with other LED flashlight manufacturers, BridgeLux LED flashlight lighting the overall solution, BridgeLux not directly into the lamps, lighting and other end markets, we help our clients to promote in the terminal market.
In October last year, we participated in the Hong Kong Lighting Fair, which is the first time we participate in exhibitions in Asia, our aim is to provide a platform to help clients showcase and promote their products at the same time introduce our technology to customers. We believe that BridgeLux is a technology company, we are committed to technology development and innovation, we focus on the LED headlamp lights technology solutions to help customers reduce time to market.
The BridgeLux visit to China a very important reason is to meet with customers to discuss how to design a more perfect LED flashlight lighting solutions. The BridgeLux professional CREE flashlight lighting technology company, we hope to provide customers with the easiest tactical flashlight lighting technology solutions.
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