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Taiwan LED headlamp lighting technology dynamics


U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) in March 2010, speculated that the Multi-Year Program Plan 2010, the price of 1,000 lumens cold white light source will fall $ 13 to $ 2012 estimate to $ 6, estimated in 2015 fell to $ 2, when the price is comparable to High Intensity Discharge (HID) lamps, or even lower than the energy-saving lamps (Compact Fluorescent Lamp). 5W LED headlamp manufacturing cost about $ 12 to $ 14, the price is still high, to 2012 can be reduced to about $ 7-9, expected penetration rate of 10% in 2015 forecast to $ 7, is expected to there will be a 50% penetration rate, will also be the mature period of the LED headlamp lighting. DOE at the same time estimating the LED flashlight industry in 2010 cold Faguang efficiency of 134lm / W, but the lamp out light circuit, the cooling efficiency of the three multiplied by the efficiency of only 64%, LED bicycle lights will only 86lm / W. Optical thermal efficiency through technology upgrading lamps and LED luminous efficiency and cooling capacity is now actively developing in the direction of Taiwan's LED headlamp lighting industry.
1 CREE flashlight package
(1) High power LED light chip
In the development of high power LED lighting-class LED chips, the upstream chip factory in Taiwan in 2010, has started from the original side light level of the sapphire substrate electrode chip, into the metal or other opaque conductive substrate vertical electrode chip, and through over the process to increase the efficiency of the Sui light resorted to optical efficiency. Vertical electrode chip is almost by a positive light, lighting CREE flashlight package designed to simplify the structural design to achieve a good light effect, and both better heat dissipation, the current distribution and low driving voltage. Because of the relationship between the patented design be avoided, the current electrode of the level of vendor R & D but opaque substrate of the chip, in order to achieve the same effect. In addition to the light emitting chip, each is also actively developing white chip the POC (of Phosphor On Chip) technology, at the chip level to complete the wavelength conversion chip itself is white and is a point source, encapsulated in the design and performance than traditional dispensing White LED has advantages. But there are still manufacturing yield problems to be overcome.
(2) High-power tactical flashlight
Downstream tactical flashlight market in 2010, there are multiple vendors to join the majority of passive components factory. High-power LED package heat dissipation substrate in addition to traditional metal stents with plastic injection, the ceramic substrate has been widely used. Early ceramic substrate temperature co-fired printed and die thickness, not a competitive advantage in terms of manufacturing cost, yield and product cost. The ceramic substrate using photolithography film process of direct copper substrate of DPC (Direct Plating Copper), with low manufacturing temperature and cost, high line resolution and characteristics of the bit precision and better dimensional stability and heat dissipation effect can be said to be the most suitable for high power and the development of small size LED heat dissipation substrate. Although the price still higher than the metal bracket several times, but in each rushing to the situation, the pace of price reduction will also pick up the pace.
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