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Led bicycle lights the domestic situation


Led bicycle lights is less than 1% of the development trend of Led bicycle lights on the domestic automobile usage, Led bicycle lights compared to the rate of 30% of New Zealand and other countries have a greater gap. LED lamps, the main resistance are the cost issue in the China market. LED Flashlight chip production technology is difficult, the high threshold, the process of raising crystal temperature, humidity, power supply, dust very strict requirements, the initial need to invest huge sums of money to build factories. The main producing area of ??the chip LED Flashlight Taiwan, China, occupies 47% of the LED bicycle lights market, LED flashlight factory in mainland China for the resin encapsulation processing, the chip needs to import large quantities, is a major cause of the high cost; The second is manufacturers and consumers in the domestic auto industry is not enough understanding of Led bicycle lights are accustomed to using LED bicycle lights with traditional lights cost comparison between the impact of the rapid pace of development of LED bike light industry, but also contributed to a number of workshops processing enterprises in the price of low-quality inferior products mixed with LED bike light market.
However, with the rapid development of China's automobile industry, this negative phenomenon has been more attention and effective control, especially at full speed the development of the automobile market in the past year, vigorously boost the development of China's LED bike light market: the successful launch of the assembly a full set of Led bicycle lights, but outside of the front-illuminated headlights Buick Regal concept car; the momentum of high growth of China's automobile decline, but still fierce competition in the automotive market, continue to introduce new models, new models, and further accelerate the development of a new LED bicycle lights and Development. It is worth mentioning that Toyota, GM and Cherry automobile manufacturing company, demand for the models in this regard, will launch a special design requirements and plans of the four models and seven kinds of LED signal lamps, which marks the LED in automotive applications has exceeded the range of the brake light, has entered a new stage.
Prospects for development:
Led bicycle lights are the lights of a big trend, lights and lighting of common needs, are increasingly stimulating LED Flashlight chip industry's rapid development over the next five years, the quality of domestic LED Flashlight chip production is bound to have a significant improvement and change.
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