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LED lighting is already in a critical operation


The gap between the cost of LED illumination and fluorescent is in less than five times. The cost per watt is still 10 times more commonly used in fluorescent lamps and other efficient light sources, one-way LED light features detailed product design and high efficiency driver circuit, the illumination cost in less than five times. Illumination corresponding is to the lumen in a specific area, users really care about the index. The significance of the cost per watt and the illumination of the cost difference is that the LED lights will be compared with fluorescent and other energy-saving effect of about 50%.
Cool white LED lights in the field of non-resident lighting the economy. Consider saving effect estimates show that the LED lights use about 10,000 hours to recover costs, product life is already significantly beyond this level. In order to consider the impact of time value, we use a discount rate of 20%, still found in current prices, 10 hours / day, 250 days / year, using the occasion to have a positive economic value, which will include most of the non-resident lighting applications.
The cost is still a huge decline in space, including the light efficiency of scale and industrial profits return to reasonable. The chip price decline has already begun, the end of 2012 the cost of LED light illumination than the current decreased by 30-40%, we believe that the price will start the warm white, or 4-6 hours / day for applications such as, which includes most of the non-resident lighting applications 2012 home lighting will also be started.
In November, the LED lighting demonstration project will change the users' understanding of the characteristics of LED products, non-standard pre-market competition and experience so that users find difficult to accept the LED's long life of 20,000 hours.
Mass of the LED market and LED lighting are involving different areas of the chip, package, thermal conductivity material, the light guide antireflection material, and drive. Global electricity consumption of about 20% lighting, LED lighting will save more than half the power consumption, which is a potential market size of the LED.
The back-end packaging and application of the 2012 area of ??concern, because the chip supply chain, including chip prices fell and triggered lighting applications is expected; about 15% of the LED lighting chips currently only accounts for the entire lamp price, great value-added products after the manufacturing and channel link; before the TV backlight market, Chinese enterprises is difficult to cut global lighting manufacturing capacity is concentrated in China, Chinese enterprises will become the dominant force.
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