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Domestic led bike lights accused of prospects?


At the same time, the global LED flashlight lighting market before the five largest suppliers of Philips, Osram, GE, Nichia, Cree have entered the Chinese market, a number of multinational giants have formed a LED headlamp flashlight Patent Alliance, the industry the upper reaches of most of the core patents by foreign enterprises to master. They are at every step to promote the technological monopoly strategy.
LED bicycle lighting is an advanced light source, however, the development of LED industry in China, but people feel the gloomy prospects, refraction in the real economy in China.
3 billion yuan refused to enter the core technology, to continue the development of extensive repetitive investment, making the seemingly bright LED headlamp industry prospects gloomy
In recent years, LED flashlight has become one of the most popular venture capital and private equity investment industry. Promulgated by the SFC for a total of 515 IPO applications in the trial list of companies, at least nine companies are queuing up to await listing.
This is a message looking for LED bike light industry in the spring seminar held in Beijing recently, but it is not good news. According to statistics, 2011 a total of seven LED industries and enterprises in the A-share market IPO, the total financing amount of 3.625 billion yuan. From the distribution of the market, five of them landing GEM, two listed on the SME board. Ambitious business expansion plans, however, the funds raised are used in capacity expansion and extension of industrial chain.
According to the NDRC released the China phase out the incandescent route map ", in 2012 China began to ban incandescent light, in 2012 the Chinese government will spend 40 billion yuan LED bike lights procurement 30% of financial subsidies to enterprises. hello, www-torchled-net, appears to be a bright market prospects, is bound to set off a new round of investment boom, many local governments and businesses are reluctant to turn around to look at LED flashlight is not "dark".
Some experts predict that the fastest to 2015, LED headlights in the Chinese lighting market share will reach 20 percent, contributing to industrial scale up to 500 billion yuan. However, due to overheated investment, the cost is still high, lack of standards, the domestic downstream demand are not effectively stimulate the LED industry, the situation of overcapacity and disorderly competition.
For a time, the Government's policy of subsidies and support, making LED flashlight applications market demand for rapid release. LED headlamp lighting industry access threshold is low, many small businesses, even small workshops can be easily poured into the downstream industry to fish in troubled waters. At present, China's LED industry is a large number of SMEs have closed, to continue the development of extensive, repetitive investment phenomenon is worrying.
Where is the prospect of LED bike lights? Independent research and development of the upstream chip, however, almost no manufacturers of products vital core technology, the main gathering applications. The LED chip is the core material of the LED lighting, domestic technology and the industry still in its incubation period. At present, most of China's LED headlamp lighting products, chips, mainly imported from the United States, Japan and China, Taiwan and other places.
If the core technology "short board" situation is not reversed, the LED flashlight business listing and financing a direct consequence of overcapacity, the capacity for further release to the expansion, competitive pressures will exacerbate the vicious competition of low-level will be more intense.
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