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High Power: mean LED flashlight lighting the real rise


"12" will be a crucial period of China's semiconductor lighting technology innovation and industrial development, especially in the core area of ??this highly representative of the "chip" further independent innovation, initially established several internationally competitive national brand LED flashlight industry in China will become bigger and stronger, the only way to deal with the future of fierce international competition, has also become the most urgent historical mission of the LED headlamp chip companies.
    To do world-class "core", which is perhaps a lofty dream for most businesses?
    At present, the rapid development of China's LED headlamp industry, the core technology and capital threshold upstream chip sector is still restricting the soft underbelly of the industrial development, "80% of the domestic high-end chip dependent on imports of industrial development needs to be a breakthrough bottleneck. In high-power high-brightness lighting, the top of the pyramid active in the domestic market only Wuhan Di source, the U.S. Cree and Taiwan Jing-Yuan, a handful of companies.
    LED bike lights high power chip companies truly stronger in order to drive the real rise of China's LED flashlight lighting the upper reaches of the chip area is the most right to speak in the industry chain is also part of the most high profits, China has been missing high-end LED flashlight chip, even if the government in the demonstration project to re-enter ten times the money and effort, it is more conducive to foreign giants in China to reap excess profits at the same time, according to the law of the high-tech industries, the industry's standard only implemented in accordance with foreign standards If the organization of national power has begun to take the Di source photoelectric high-power technology to focus on supporting international standards and further refining of really fight the occupation of the industrial commanding heights of the cutting edge of, then detonated the productivity "nuclear change" is expected to completely break through the blockade of foreign enterprises in the upper reaches of the upper reaches of high-power companies to grow and develop will enable the industry to the whole live to drive the development of the whole industry even from a fundamental rewrite LED Flashlight industry structure.
    In the era of LED flashlight lighting gradually has come today, high power for the ultimate support "lighting the world" has a more important strategic significance has undoubtedly become the Chinese army took the opportunity to enter the international lighting market, "the last word.
    The HVLED actually will the traditional DCLED COB packaging structure directly at the chip level, reducing the complexity of the application side package solid crystal, bonding operating procedures, leads directly to lower production costs of the application side. Compared with the traditional DCLED HVLED can be directly applied to the DC high voltage-driven lighting market, simplifying the design of the drive circuit to reduce the use of the components, lower power loss of the drive circuit, device reliability, the structure will be more miniaturization application cost is substantially lower; due to its small current drive power chip, easy to integrate with the red LED headlamp chip used in the warm white light, such a structure, the conversion efficiency than the traditional DCLED directly stimulate the phosphor, which narrowed the gap used in warm white and cold white light efficiency of LED bicycle lights. Thus, HVLED will become an important direction of future development of LED flashlight lighting has broad application prospects.
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